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TECHNOLOGY BEHIND US : As public interest is swinging towardsnatural and minerals based proprietary medicine and dietary supplement formodern health care. A sincere effort is made to understanding the medicinalvalue of herbs and minerals. Our expertise in understanding the importance ofthe subject led us in setting up a dedicated laboratory where extraction,phyto-chemical screening, isolation and elucidation of structure of isolatedpure constituent is done after spectral analysis, from institutions like CDRI(central drug research institute) and NCL ( central drug laboratory) there bymaintaining stringent standards for our raw material, a pre processingtreatment, processes, quality control and quality assurance.

COMPOSITION: IngredientPhyto Extract Each 100ml Contain Anantmool 5gms, Usva 10gms, Kher 5gms, Chhoti Kateli  5gms, Siras 10gms, Jawaser6gms, Munanka 25gms, Kanchnar 5gms, Syrup Base Q.S.

INDICATION  : General Debility, Anaemia,Spirochaete, In Allergic Dermatitis, Impurity Of Blood, Leuchodermic Patches,Pimples, Pigmentization Of Skin.

DOSAGE : 10ml Twice A Day With Luck Water Or AsDirected By Physician