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TECHNOLOGY BEHIND US : As publicinterest is swinging towards natural and minerals based proprietary medicineand dietary supplement for modern health care. A sincere effort is made tounderstanding the medicinal value of herbs and minerals. Our expertise inunderstanding the importance of the subject led us in setting up a dedicatedlaboratory where extraction, phyto-chemical screening, isolation andelucidation of structure of isolated pure constituent is done after spectralanalysis, from institutions like CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute)and  NCL ( Central Drug Laboratory) thereby maintaining stringent standards for our raw material, a pre processingtreatment, processes, quality control and quality assurance.

COMPOSITION : Each 100ml contain ingredient phytoextract

Dhaya Phool 4gms, Kala Jeera Seed6 gms,Nagarmotha5gms,South 4gms, Daruhaldi 6gms, Kamalgatta 2gms, Harad 6gms, Baheda 8gms, Amla6gms, Aam ki giri 2gms, Vansh lochan 8gms Raktchandan 5gms, Ashok ki chhal12gms, Chikni supari6gms, Maju phool 5gms,Syrup base/color natural/flavor Q. S.


INDICATION& BENEFITS INFORMATION :General Uterine Tonic, Hormonal Imbalance, OvarianDisorder, Disturb Monstrous, Leucorrhoea, Menorrhea, Stimulates and RectifiesBreast Secretions.

 DOSAGE : Two table spoon thrice a daywith milk or luke warm water or as a directed by the physician.