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MRP 300.00


Each ml of TULSIWIN panch Tulsi drop is an extract of 5Basil Leaves

Ocimum Sanctum 2.5ml, Ocimum gratissimum 1ml, Ocimumcanum 1.5 ml,Ocimum basilicum 2ml, Ocimum citroforum 1ml.

INDICATION: Anti Fungal, Immunity Booster, AntiAllergic, Anti Tubercular, Anti Aging, Anti Viral, Anti Flu, Anti Inflammatory,Anti Oxidant, Anti Toxin, Anti Bacterial, Anti Cod, Anti Cough, AntiAsthamatic, Anti Pyretic etc.

DOSAGE : 1-5 Drops in a cup of luke Warm Wateronce/ twice a day or as directed by the physician.