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COMPOSITION:-  eachcapsule contain of Phyto Extract Ophiocordycep Sinensis-35mg,Allium Ceppa-25mg,Myristica Fragrans-15mg,Sizigium Aromaticum -15mg,Tribulus Teristris-100v, Alpinea Galanga -50mgWithanea Sonifera 100mg, Mucuna Pruriens-50mg,Piper Longum -10mg,Excipients  Q/S.

INDICATION:- Improve Sexual Weakness, Improve Sexual Neurasthenia, Correct Physic Sex Disturbances, Improve Loss Of Vitality.

DOSAGE:- 1 Tablet With Before Sleep30 Mint With Milk Or Water Twice In A Day Or As Directed By The Physician

Application : Massage oil gently twice or thrice a dayafter washing & drying the affected part.