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Plantstem Advanced

MRP 1250.00


TECHNOLOGYBEHIND US : As public interest is swinging towards natural and mineralsbased proprietary medicine and dietary supplement for modern health care. Asincere effort is made to understanding the medicinal value of herbs andminerals. Our expertise in understanding the importance of the subject led usin setting up a dedicated laboratory where extraction, phyto-chemicalscreening, isolation and elucidation of structure of isolated pure constituentis done after spectral analysis, from institutions like CDRI (Central Drug ResearchInstitute) and  NCL ( Central DrugLaboratory) there by maintaining stringent standards for our raw material, apre processing treatment, processes, quality control and quality assurance.


 Malatose Domestica  150 mg, Vitis Venifera 150mg, Carica Papaya150mg, Excipients q/s.

 INDICATION: Cell Rejuvenatre, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammation, Cell RepairAnti-aging,         Detoxification,allergies & healing.

DOSAGE:  Place1-2 drops under your tongue a day or as directed by the physician.